RX 1000

Are you an intermediate player looking to up your game to the next level? Then consider the new RX CARBON, a perfectly balanced racket that will suit your needs.

The racket incorporates a 3K CARBON surface and a SOFT PERFORMACE EVA rubber on the interior, a combination of technology that will let you generate more power without losing precision or comfort. The round shape of the racket and a larger sweet spot are designed for you to achieve greater consistency.

The RX CARBON will really let you up your game thanks to additional features such as the STRUCTURE POWER technology, which reinforces the structure of the racket to improve overall rigidity.

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RX 1000



Our rackets are built to last. STRUCTURAL REINFORCEMENT technology incorporates perimeter reinforcements around the entire racket to generate greater resistance to the high torsional stresses suffered by the racket.


The arrangement of the equidistant holes in groups of three strengthens the surface and improves racket durability.

RX 1000

If you’re an intermediate player looking to make a step up, the RX1000 is the perfect racket for you. It is designed to be a versatile and multi-purpose racket that will help you improve all aspects of your game, from ground shots to volleys.

Greater rigidity – a feature that let you maintain a high intensity style of play – is achieved through the STRUCTURAL REINFORCEMENT technology.

The combination of the EVA SOFT PERFORMANCE rubber and its FIBREGLASS surface mean the RX1000 offers great comfort while playing your shots. This is a racket that allows you to grow in the game.


Level: Intermediate
Format: Round
Balance: Even (265 mm)
Weight: 360-375gr
Surface: 499 cm2
Lenght: 455 mm
 Game type: Control
Fiber: Fiber Glass
Rubber: Eva Soft Performance
Thickness: 38 mm
Protector: Standard
Smart Holes Lineal
Structural Reinforcement
Model: RX
Collection: 2023

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