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Founded by professional padel players we focus on making professional padel techniques, equipment, and courts affordable to anyone who loves this sport.

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You can book 1-1 lessons to improve your individual skill or group lessons so you can improve your effectiveness as a team and win any tournaments you enroll in.

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Because of our exclusive partnership with Adidas and Fernando Bela (#1 padel player in the world for over 16 years) we have exclusive rackets you won’t find anywhere else.


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Get a full court just for your friends and family and play for as long as you want without anyone interrupting you.


About Emirates Padel

As professional padel players and lovers we know how padel can transform a community. Not just by improving the physical and mental health of anyone playing, but also through the values of teamwork, respect, and work ethic.

For that reason, we want to cultivate and grow a Padel Culture in UAE and take this sport to anyone who shares those values and wants to have a good time playing this sport. To help us do that we’ve partnered with others who share our passion for padel:

PadelGalis for our padel courts. They produce the world’s highest-quality padel courts and builds the official courts for the World Padel Tour

Ritz Carlton Resort, Al Ain FC, Al Wasl Sports club, Danube Group, and many others to give you the highest quality locations and facilities to enjoy Padel whether you’re playing or watching. Adidas and Bela Padel to bring you the best rackets and Padel gear in the world.

Our Team

Meet With Professional Coaches


Fermin Ferreyra (Batata)

Professional Padel Player, Coach and
a Co-Founder of Emirates Padel Center


Eugenio Ferreyra (Khalifa)

Professional Padel Player, Coach and
a Co-Founder of Emirates Padel Center


Why padel?

Padel is easier to learn than other racket sports like tennis or badminton, you can learn the basics in one day and start playing
and enjoying the game right away.

Flexible Scheduling

You can book individual lessons to improve your skill and learn at your own path.


The smaller court brings you closer to your teammates so you can talk to each other which is an integral part of this game and one of the reasons why it’s so fun to play.

Budget friendly

Cheaper than other racket sports like tennis if you want to play regularly because you can divide the rent prices by four players.


Padel can also be the perfect sport for anyone with shoulder, elbow, or back problems because you don’t need to swing your arms with the same intensity as you do in tennis or squash.

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Group trainings

Group lessons to have fun with friends and family while improving your effectiveness as a team and prepare yourselves for tournaments and competitions.

Professional Coaches

With Emirates Padel you can learn from professional padel players competing in WPT.

Ideal for beginners

It can be less physically demanding than other sports making it perfect for beginners and people of all ages.

Fit and healthy

If you want to challenge yourself physically you can always increase the intensity and get your regular cardio exercise while having fun.

Danube Sports World Complex, Dubai
+971 50 800 36 36

Al Ain HBZ Stadium,
Kids & Adult Academy

The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi,
Grand Canal, +971 50 176 5113


We hold tournaments, competitions, and other events every week in each of our locations.

If you want to test your abilities playing with your friends, choose the competition you want and book your spot through Whatsapp.

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