Metalbone PRO EDT 2024

The new exclusive model by Ale Galán combines all his virtues in a unique racket with an exceptional design and unparalleled performance.

1.700,00 AED

Metalbone PRO EDT 2024



The balance and the weight of the racket are modifiable thanks to this innovative technology present only in the top-end rackets. Its system of removable screws installed in the bridge of the racket allows you to adjust the balance of weights and adapt the behavior to the needs of each player.


Located in the frame and the heart of the racket, this technology provides the racket with a structure of total rigidity. Made up of an eight-edged carbon tube, it has an internal skeleton that is extremely resistant to the torsion to which the rackets of the best padel players are exposed.


The racket incorporates a rough layer on the surface to offer the best shot effects. Through an octagonal pattern, it optimises the creation of rotational movements in the ball after you play the shot.


The PRO-EDT Metalbone by Ale Galán merges the best technologies of the Madrid player into an exclusive racket for those seeking to dominate the court. Its Octagonal Structure provides unmatched rigidity and tremendous power, while the Spin Blade roughness and Smart Holes Curve hole arrangement allow you to execute spin shots with dreamlike precision. The Weight & Balance System gives you the ability to adjust the racket’s weight and balance to your liking, tailoring it to your unique playing style. And the combination of Carbon Aluminized 2 to 1 fibre and EVA Soft Performance rubber offers you exceptional control and power, enabling you to shine with every shot.


 Level:  PRO

 Game type:  Attack

 Format:  Diamond Oversize

 Balance:  Head Heavy (285mm)

 Weight:  345-360 (0+12)

 Surface:  485 cm2

 Lenght:  455 mm

 Thickness:  38 mm

 Protector:  3M Metalbone

 Rubber:  Eva Soft Performance

 Fiber:  Carbon Aluminized 2 T0 1

 Power:  Octagonal Structure

 Durability:  Structural Reinforcement

 Effects:  Spin Blade Octagonal

 Effects 2:  Smart Holes Curve

 Customization:  Weight & Balance System

 Model:  Metalbone

 Collection:  2024

 Sweet spot:  Alto

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