Cross It Light PRO EDT 2024

The new exclusive racket by Marta Ortega is designed for unique players who make every shot impossible to return.

1.440,00 AED

Cross It Light PRO EDT 2024



Aerodynamics has arrived in the world of padel. This technology reduces air resistance in the neck area of the racket to gain speed in the execution of shots, especially the most powerful ones.


A new way of arranging the holes that improves the durability and power capacity of the racket. It consists of smaller holes than usual located in the central part of the head. In this way, the central part of the head gains in consistency and rigidity.


The grip of the racket is longer than usual. This means that the balance of the racket is concentrated in the head, a factor that allows for more inertia and better performance on powerful shots.

Cross ii Light PRO EDT

The PRO-EDT Cross It Light by Marta Ortega is an exclusive racket designed for players seeking perfection in every point. It incorporates all the revolutionary Cross It technologies, providing you with a distinct advantage in every aspect of the game. The Extra Power Grip and Dynamic Air Flowsystem allow you to unleash overwhelming power, while the Spin Blade Mould helps you execute spin shots worthy of a professional. The Eleven 13 and Structural Reinforcement technologies ensure that your racket can withstand the toughest hits, letting you play without worry. The 24K Carbon Aluminized fibre composition and EVA Soft Energy rubber give you enviable rigidity, perfect for shining in powerful and precise shots.


 Level:  PRO

 Game type:  Control

 Format:  Round

 Balance:  Even

 Weight:  345-360gr

 Surface:  470 cm2

 Lenght:  455 mm

 Thickness:  38 mm

 Protector:  3M Protector Tape

 Rubber:  Eva Soft Energy

 Fiber:  Carbon Aluminized 24k

 Power:  Dynamic Air Flow

 Booster:  Extra Power Grip

 Durability:  Structural Reinforcement

 Effects:  Spin Blade Mold

 Effects 2:  Eleven 13

 Customization:  No

 Model:  Cross It

 Collection:  2024

 Sweet spot:  Center

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